The Heir to the Throne match is a professional wrestling elimination match held by Championship Wrestling. It was first contested in 2013 at the Revolt pay-per-view, which was won by Daniel Bryan, it was later revealed that Bryan's Heir to the Throne would not count, in 2014 at the Road to Redemption pay-per-view the match was announced to make it's return.






Year Event Title Winner Other competitor(s)
2013 Revolt World Heavyweight Daniel Bryan Brian Kendrick, Jay Briscoe, Jon Moxley, AJ Styles & Chris Jericho
  • Bryan never cashed in when the second Heir to the Throne match
2014 Road to Redemption World Heavyweight Sterling James Keenan Jay Briscoe, The MizRoman Reigns

Participant ListEdit

Wrestlers Victories Appearances
Jay Briscoe 0 2
Daniel Bryan 1 1
AJ Styles 0 1
Brian Kendrick 0 1
Jon Moxley 0 1
Chris Jericho 0 1
The Miz 0 1
Roman Reigns 0 1
Sterling James Keenan 0 1


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Heir to the Throne


Heir to the Throne winner
Daniel Bryan (2013) • TBA (2014)